Sean Sullivan is a tried and trusted senior leader with a proven record of improving operational and financial performance in private and public sector organisations.

Normally working at 'C' level, Sean is hired by stakeholders including lender groups, investors, Boards and government entities. NED roles feature in some assignments.


            + Leadership during key situations

            + Turnaround planning and implementation

            + Recovering standards and value for regulated businesses

            + Assessing and repairing management capability

            + Funder reviews and reports, Board observer

            + Sale preparation & post acquisition integration


Although a scientist by background, Sean in not sector specific, but does have considerable experience in the regulated markets of healthcare and infrastructure. Below are examples of UK and international assignments, not necessarily in any order:

Sean Sullivan appointed as Chairman to turnaround Castlebeck Group following Winterbourne View scandal.

Appointed following the BBC Panorama broadcast. £448m total debt, 2000 staff, 50+ sites. A very challenging assignment involving vulnerable patient groups and considerable media attention including a second follow-up Panorama programme as well as custodial sentences and a Serious Case Review. Cooperation with commissioners, CQC, Dept of Health and Ministers proving essential. Achieved 100% compliance with 70% occupancy and return of sufficient market confidence to recommence admissions. All three brands involved sold to new owners, balancing patients, staff, investor and lender interests.

Appointed as Turnaround Director to Bedfordshire PCT.

£17m of inherited deficit with a further £20m in year pressures. Delivered £39m program with £2m surplus to reinvest without any job losses or reduction in services to the public.

Turnaround CEO at Care Principles Group.

Asked to intervene by lenders with £282m debt, 1400 staff, 20+ sites. London based PE house initially with Middle East funding. Numerous CQC prosecutions pending. Organisation, services and regulatory performance overhauled. Reformed business successfully sold following restructuring and refinancing complete with fresh management team and fit for purpose processes. 

Revitalising leading Jordanian investment group.

Appointed by a leading Jordanian investment house to successfully negotiate with Ministers of the Pakistan government to gain a $650m power plant project to complete a $2bn Middle East asset portfolio.

Regional turnaround for the NHS

PWC Panel and Dept of Health; Sean is one of ten Turnaround Directors appointed to lead turnaround across the whole NHS. £125m of improvements identified in Sean's area of Beds, Herts and Essex with outturn of £154m delivered. Asked by DoH to return and put in place a further £110m of savings programmes.

Provided formal evidence to Parliamentary Health Select Committee and individual MP briefings. This major assignment involved many well known NHS PCTs and Hospital Trusts in the East of England including coaching for their accession to Foundation Trust status. This programme and the ten Turnaround Directors involved, delivered the first NHS savings on such a national scale and has formed the background to much English NHS turnaround work since.


Providing senior level advisory services to Nigerian National Electric Power Authority


Interim leadership for EBRD funded project with Georgian (FSU) Wholesale Electricity Market


A fully qualified member of the Institute for Turnaround with annual CPD and giving occasional specialist lectures to other professionals

Sean Sullivan's previous senior level experience includes:

                 The Aaronite Partnership LLP - specialist turnaround consultancy

                 Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority, UAE

                 Eastern Electricity, UK

                 Murray Darling Basin Commission, Australia

                 Thames Water, UK

                 Generale des Eaux, Europe

                 South Australian Water Corporation, Australia

                 An earlier technical career in upstream international petroleum exploration



Shortlisted for Private Company Turnaround of the Year 2010

Sean Sullivan's turnaround of The Care Principles Group was shortlisted for this Institute for Turnaround award in 2010



2013 IFT Turnaround Professional of the Year, Judges Commendation

Receiving the Institute for Turnaround 2013 Judges Commendation for  Turnaround Professional of the Year  concerning the Castlebeck Group (Winterbourne View) assignment



Turnaround Practitioner of the Year

Insolvency & Rescue Awards 2014

Named as Turnaround Practitioner of the Year 2014 at the Insolvency and Rescue Awards at London Lancaster on 1st Oct 2014.





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